Facebook expert? We bet you don’t know these 5 Facebook tricks

Facebook expert? We bet you don’t know these 5 Facebook tricks

Facebook Tricks: Facebook on constant interval keeps updating it’s services and features, like for instance, do you know that you can add a pronunciation guide to your name on Facebook? new updates even includes overlay colorful text on the pictures you post to your profile? You want to post your relationship status on Facebook without your 500 closest friends getting to know?

New Facebook tricks and tips are not known to veterans also of the 1.5 billion-strong time-waster and people-connector. The social giant keeps on updating it’s services, and adds new features or changing the old ones. Most of the tricks can slip through your mind even if you are scrolling through your friends’ updates several times a day.

Here are few tips and tricks on Facebook to enhance your skills


Pronunciation Guide To Your Name

Facebook’s most users like 80 percent are outside of the Canada and U.S., and these users use 80 languages to communicate with family and friends. In one way there are many people, and a many ways to say your name. How to use this trick?, go to the “about” section of your profile and look for “details about you,” which also called “more about you” on mobile and click on it then “name pronunciation.” Now, the social giant will offer suggestions for your first and last name that you can hear and choose afterwards. If this trick not working, you can also type in your own phonetic pronouncer.

Logging From Public Computer?

If you don’t feel comfortable while logging in from other computer and don’t want to type in your password on a shared machine that might have malicious software, you can request a temporary one password from Facebook by texting “otp” to 32665. Facebook will send you an eight-character passcode that works for the next 20 minutes and cannot be reused.

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Turn off annoying notification

You would if you have commented on any post how long you keep getting notification from that post, like he has commented on this post, she has commented on this post. Well you can turn off those annoying notifications for individual posts by clicking on the globe icon on the top right corner on any users from the browser that you are using, next click on “X” next to the individual notification. Users can also change their notification settings here to get more or fewer of them for each group that you belong to.

To activate this feature in smartphone, tap to view the original post, now tap the down arrow in the top right corner of the post. Now you can see an option to “turn off notifications.”

Relationship status

Announcing marriages and engagements on Facebook is cool. After posting about marriages or engagements just wait and see the congrats and likes roll in. Now the time is for basking in the love and glory. Few years later for some couples this glory fades, without mentioning the marriage and love. During this time, you might not want to announce the irreversible breakdown to 450 of your closest friends.

Now there is a trick where you can mark the end of a relationship without notifying all your Facebook friends. Visit your profile and click on the “about” section, now click on “family and relationships on the left.” Now Under relationship, look for gray icon that probably says “friends,” or maybe “public.” You can make it to “only me.” Your relationship status will be changed now. After sometimes you can once again change it back if you wish.

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Edit your photos

This trick is popular among many Facebook users however, it is little-known new feature, the social giant lets you spruce up the photos you post by quirky stickers and adding text, such as drawings of sunglasses, scuba gear or a corn dog. For iPhones users it is already available and is coming soon to Android phones. How to do it? select a pictures to upload and click the magic wand icon. Now, you’ll find text overlay options as well as the same stickers you can use in other parts of Facebook.

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