7 Gmail tips to become expert in Gmail

7 Gmail tips to become expert in Gmail

7 Gmail tips to become expert in Gmail: We use Gmail in our day today life, from sending resume to sending resignation letter, from creating account on other site like Facebook, Twitter etc to download any files from internet, we use Gmail. In our today’s world, life without Google product like Gmail is totally unimaginable. So, keeping gmail importance in our life, we have collected 7 Google Gmail tips that will help you become master in Gmail. You don’t have to create another Google Gmail account as you can get if from old ones.  Lets look at the 7 Gmail tips in post below.

Gmail mail is quite simple to use as we all agree, but with these tips that we are going to list here, you can always choose to be the smarter one by exploring some of the hidden features that Gmail offers. Work on Gmail Mail with these 7 amazing tips for Gmail.

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7 Gmail tips to become expert in Gmail


1. Color your stars
Get rid of boring looking stars on your Google mail and show some love for the colors in your Gmail inbox. Colourful stars not only look cooler but they also help you organize your inbox.

To get colorful stars on your Gmail, you need to go to Settings and then look for Stars section in the General tab section. Users can always choose 4 stars or all stars to have more star colours available to them. There is also an option of drag and drop each star from Not in Use category to In Use category in the general tab section. When you are finished making the changes, you can scroll down and click Save.

2. How To Search big files

If you keep most of your files on Gmail, then you may run out of space, but you can clean it up. One of the recommended way to clean it is by finding the large emails. For eg, you want to gather and delete all the emails that are larger than 10mb files. You can easily find it by going to the Gmail search bar and type: “larger:10m”. This command will show all the emails that are bigger than 10mb in size.

3. Archive the important mail 
To smarten up your inbox system, this is one another way. Archive tool from Gmail’s helps you get rid your messages from inbox but keeps them in your Google mail account and your search box. According to company statement, it’s like moving messages into a filing cabinet instead of putting them in the trash can.

In order to archive mail go to Gmail > Here you should select the message you want to archive > then Click the Archive button.

4. Label with a style

Another great tool from Gmail. It is basically tags that help you categorize your messages in Gmail. Adding a brightly coloured label helps you to see related messages. Whenever you add more than one label to any mail. In order to make a label, select the Labels drop-down menu with the mails or mails you want to label open or checked. Now click create new > Enter the desired label name > click OK.

5. Activate Spellcheck Option 
Many people think only MS Word or online software have the power to check your grammatical errors but they are wrong as even Gmail can spell check.It is smart enough to show errors in messages. In order to activate this, click on the down arrow placed next to the “Discard draft” icon at the down of your compose window. Next select “Check Spelling”. Here you can see errors will be highlighted in yellow color. Click the error to see Gmail’s suggestions for similar words. Select a suggested word from the list to rectify the error.

6. Undo Send for the oops moment!
Mail sent to wrong person?  or probably forgot to attach your file to your job application? do not worry as you have few seconds to get back your mail before it reaches the recipient. This option is only available for those people who have enabled the Undo Send feature in their Google mail. Users must enable it because it is a life saver. In order to enable this feature, go to Settings > Undo Send > Enable > Set the duration of delay before Gmail sends the mail.

7 . Vacation Responder
Going out of city? and you don not want to receive those continuous bombarding email? vacation responder from Gmail is just for you. By enabling vacation responder, you can inform people that you won’t be able to get back to them for the some time being. Gmail will send your reply to people who email you when your vacation responder is turned on.

How to turn it on? Go to Settings > Vacation responder > On > Fill in the required details > Save changes.

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