5 smartphones with best cameras in India

5 smartphones with best cameras in India

Best cameras phones: Gone are the days, when people used phones just for calling purpose. People now use smartphone for browsing internet, clicking photos, sending mails, creating presentation etc. So, based on their importance they buy their phone. Some go for looks, some go for manufacturers, some go for operating system and some go for camera.

If you are one those users who focus mainly on camera quality of the phone, our this post on ‘smartphone with best camera in India’ will help you decide one.

Here are the five smartphones that we feel are the best when it comes to clicking photos. Depending on your budget, these five smartphones span a price bracket of Rs 9,000 to Rs 50,000, walk through the article and decide which one is your pick.

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5 best cameras phones in India

Motorola Moto G3
The first one to feature in our list is Motorola Moto G3, those users who budget of Rs 10,000 for their next phone and want something that clicks awesome photos, then, we can advise you that this should be your pick. But unfortunately Moto G3 in this price range only supports 8GB memory. But as far as the camera on this phone is concerned, for its price, it’s good deal. Expect the Moto G3, in clear light to click punchy and detailed images with its 13-megapixel camera.  The Moto G3 performance takes a hit in low light, but still it does respectably and will give you the kind of photos that you can post on your Instagram profiles or Facebook profiles with a few earn laurels and nice filters.


Xiaomi Mi 4
Xiaomi Mi 4 was announced in late 2013, however, the 13-megapixel camera on Xiaomi Mi 4 continues to be among the top, mostly because of the fact that it competes with phones that cost less than Rs 20,000. This phone clicks fantastic photos in good light condition. During our testing, the photos that we took have lots of detail and while there is some oversharpening, the photos that we took was very pleasing to the eyes. But, we can assure you that, this is the best phone to buy if your main concern is photography and if you don’t want to spend more than Rs 20,000. Not only primary camera but the 5-megapixel front camera also clicks comparatively and clear detailed selfies.


Nexus 5X
The Nexus 5X is a freak when it comes to camera performance, How can we be so sure ? it’s proved during it’s testing that it is so damn good! The price of Nexus 5X is just Rs 25,000 and yet offers camera performance that can match the likes of the Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 6S, if not even better than them. The performance lies behind the camera goodness of the Nexus 5X is its camera hardware. The phone uses Sony IMX377 sensor, that has big 1.55um pixels. The outcome is that whether you are capturing photos in the low light or in good light, this phone will return fantastic results. However, Nexus 5X is also somewhat inconsistent due to the software problem.

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iPhone 6
Who is not familiar with iPhone camera quality, earlier iphone version had 8-megapixel camera which was even way better than all the phones in the market, but it is a camera that is among the best in the business. The camera quality of iPhone is so perfact that many professional photographers use it to shoot images when they are not in the mood to take out their bulky DSLR cameras. One good news about those users who are planning to buy these phones are iPhone 6 is that the phone is now selling for a price of around Rs 35,000 and it offers camera performance comparable to that of the iPhone 6S. Here we would like say that you can’t get better deal than this.


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Galaxy S7
Most of the expert in the tech industry says that, the camera in the Galaxy S7 is marginally better than the one in the Apple’s phone. Apart from few glitches, there is also some weird over-sharpening in the photos but overall the Galaxxy S7 captures photos that are the best you will get from a phone. One noting point of these phones like behind the S7’s stellar camera is its F1.7 lens. The F1.7 is very wide and that means the Galaxy S7 captures just that much more light. This phone sells for a price of around Rs 47,000.


Let us know from the comment, which phone is worth buying. We would love to hear your valuable comments.

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