Five best laptops in India

Five best laptops in India

Five best laptops in India: Nowadays laptop is no longer as essential as it used to be few years back. Most of the people now do a lot of things, like browsing internet or sending mails or watching movies or listening to songs, on their smartphones instead of a laptop. However, there can be many circumstances where you may require your laptop. Because when it comes to doing important work, like executing any programs or preparing that sales report your boss is demanding, a laptop will come in handy.

If you planned to buy a laptop, our this post on best laptops in India can be useful in deciding in which one you should buy. Choosing the right product is a big headache as there are thousands of products available in the market. Then what is the Solution for it? We have made your work easy, here in this post, we will tell you 5 best laptops in India worth buying.

Five best laptops in India 


If you are looking for a budget laptop, then these are the product you should go for. You can purchase a laptop from iBall or Micromax at a price of Rs 10,000 However, don’t go for it. Asus E202SA is the cheapest laptop that we will suggest. Asus E202SA is present in funky colours like red and blue, this product is a well-rounded laptop in this budget. Those who are looking for small screen size laptop then this is the one. It is of 11.6-inch, screen quality is decent. The weight of 1.21 kilograms and smaller screen also makes it portable. This product has the 2GB RAM and latest generation Intel Celeron processor, this product comes with Windows 10 OS.

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On the other hand if you are ready to spend around 30,000 rupees, then The Lenovo IdeaPad FLEX 2-14 can be a good choice. This product is available in the market at a price of around Rs 34,000. We can also assure you that, this product is worth every penny you spend.  At this price because of its brilliant 14-inch touchscreen with FullHD resolution. Very rarely you will find such a screen in a laptop in this price range, we believe this is the reason why Lenovo is yet to come out with its successor. The Lenovo IdeaPad FLEX too good for the price. Those who are ready to spend around 30,000 rupees this is the one to get.

Costlier but amazing laptops

Once again Lenovo has featured in our list to be one of the best laptop in India, and the name of this product is the Lenovo Yoga 500. This product from Lenovo comes witt Windows 10 pre-installed on it on the device. We are giving the reasons why we have selected this device, for us selecting the Yoga 500 is the same: It has FullHD touchscreen with IPS display. This product IPS screens show much better colours and  great resolutions, that means you will enjoy your images and movies more on this laptop. Currently this product is available at around Rs 44,000 in the market.

Now here comes the best one in the list. It is the 13-inch MacBook Air from Apple. When you are buying this product, try to you get the latest one, that is with 8GB RAM. MacBook Air 128GB version is value for money though if you can spare cash for the 256GB version that can also be a good choice. MacBook Air is the perfect laptop because it is fast, runs software — OS X — that is clean and fuss-free, device is portable, product has a terrific touchpad and a very nice keyboard, and what an amazing battery life it has. The MacBook Air sells for around Rs 66,000 in India.

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This laptop is for gaming freak, although the gaming laptop are bit expensive. However, some products are there in the market that are worth their price. One of such machines is Dell’s Inspiron 15 7000. The starting price for this product in India is in this series sells for around Rs 83,000. It offers decent hardware, while at this price, and cool design, the things that makes it good value for money is its GTX 960M graphics card. Graphics card like this you will usually get in laptops that have a price of above Rs 1,00,000.

Let us know from the comment, which phone is worth buying. We would love to hear your valuable comments.


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