Seven best tips to boost your WiFi speed

Seven best tips to boost your WiFi speed

Seven best tips to boost your WiFi speed: Slow internet can be spoiler for most of us. In the world where everything is over the internet, it is practically impossible to live without internet but slow internet is like no internet. But few workaround with your modem can drastically improves your internet speed. Modem in India is also one the most neglected pieces of tech considering the poor quality of modems that are given by Internet Service Providers(ISP) here. There can be many reasons behind the dreaded speed of our internet speed which practically runs into dead zones sometimes. If you seeing this from a consistent period of time, our this post on ‘seven tips to boost your WiFi speed’ will be helpful to you. In below post, I will uncover reasons for slow internet speed and how you can improve it. So, lets get stated-

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Here are the seven best tips to boost your WiFi speed


1- If you are getting slow internet issues from a prolonged period, then it is time to get a new modem but, this time you should opt for a new dual-band router which supports both 5GHz and 2.4GHz and works on 802.11ac or 802.11n standards.

2- You need to make sure that the  Wi-Fi channel that your router is using is appropriate. Those users who are on Windows PC, they can use a free tool called inSSIDer that will give you full details about the channel you are using. For MAC users, they can press and hold the “option” button and click on the Wi-Fi preferences option to get full details about the channel their router is operating on. If in case you need to change the settings, then you need to find the model of your router as this depends on the model and make of the router.

3- We have told you earlier that router is most common thing that people ignore. Sometimes you may ignore this, however, there are chances that your router keeps getting software updates, in most case updates like this happen manually in most of the time. You’ll need to enter its settings interface to update your router, that do not occur more often and there will invariably be a firmware update in the waiting for you.

4- One of the trick that will work for you that you can move your router it around in a more central location in your house.

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5- There is also a possibility to upgrade your router. At least their antennas can be. Those modes which have external antennas can up updated with high-gain antennas and and users can easily position them in a desired direction. Antennas which are High-Gain can cost anywhere between Rs 3,500- 7,000. If you don’t know where to gain these antennas the places like Nehru place or online marketplaces like or even AliExpress, that will be shipped from China.

6- There is also a possibility that your Wi-Fi signal is suffering from a lot of interference. Microwaves, Cordless phones, Bluetooth and other appliances can cause interference with your router. One thing that you can do is either get rid all the interfering elements or invest in a dual-band router like a NetGear N600 or an Apple Airport Extreme, that can operate in 5GHz band frequency. It doesn’t get affected much by interference.

7- The range of the router can be extended by using a trick called the WindSurfer tinfoil trick. Users can use an old used Coke can and peel it open using a can-opener.  All you need to do is punch a hole in the base of the can so that antenna of the router can pass through and the rest of the body of the can act like a rudder for the signal. Outcome wouldn’t be fantastic, however, there will be a minor boost.

Let us know from the comment, any ,ore tips on how to boost wifi speed.  We would love to hear your valuable comments.

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