Getting a lot of spam messages ? Here is how you can block it

Getting a lot of spam messages ? Here is how you can block it

What is the most annoying thing apart from smartphone battery life , in my opinion spam messages that we constantly receives from the unknown person, or company or products or promotion related messages. Most of the time it gets in the way of thing, annoy us at wrong moments and even most of the time will irritate us like anything. If we have tried several ways but things have not worked out, may be this post will be helpful for you, where we will uncover several ways to stop messages reaching our phone.

Getting a lot of spam messages ? Here is how you can block it


Do Not Disturb Method By TRAI

If one person is annoying you with text messages again and again, then it is advised to just report the number at TRAI’s Do Not Disturb option. For users who are not aware about TRAI, it stands for Telecom Regulatory And Authority OF India, which sets rule for telecom network in India.

In order to complain about the number, you will need to send an SMS to 1909. In the SMS you should write -“Unsolicited Message, the number of the spammer and the date of the message in DD/MM/YY format.”

But, what if you getting messages from more than one person which you think is spam ? Then, to your rescue can be some good apps that is really powerful when it comes to blocking any number or messages that is annoying you.

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Message blocking apps

The main reason behind why we can use message blocking app is that DND in most cases doesn’t work. The messages blocking apps can block spammed numbers in group of list and not only one number. But you to have to make sure these apps are the default SMS apps for your phone.

Those users who are on Android platform, for them many apps are there that you can use to stop spam messages. You can download all these apps from the Play Store, that you can download and install to block the barrage of spam SMSs.

Third party apps like SMS BlockerEvolveSMS and TrueCaller messenger can be used to block spam. All these amazing apps can the stock Android messaging app that comes preloaded on your mobile.

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In our opinion, SMS Blocker is one of the best at blocking spam app on the play store. This app has got a very high 4.5 star rating on the play store. EvolveSMS has also pretty good with a rating of 4 stars. Also, TrueCaller works with a decent level of accuracy and has a rating of 4 stars on the Play Store.

Many other apps are also there which can be used to create a blacklist of numbers that are annoying you. Apps like Spam Blocker and  SMS filter also work pretty well.

For iPhone users, even you can block numbers on your phone. Those users who are running iOS 7 or newer in their phone, open a message and tap on the ‘details’ button on the top right corner. when you are inside this menu, there is an ‘i’ button, that will reveal more details that include saving the contact. Here you see an option to block the caller and this works both ways for SMS and calls.

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