Most Easiest Ways To Download YouTube Videos

Most Easiest Ways To Download YouTube Videos

Download YouTube Videos: YouTube, the second most visited site in the world has recently introduced the offline videos feature in India through its Youtube app on popular platform like Android, iOS etc. But, tech expert suggests that it is inefficient and poorly implemented, it was reported that the YouTube consumes most of our phone memory and not all of the videos are available offline. So, in this guide, we will tell you other ways to download and save videos online.

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Most Easiest Ways To Download YouTube Videos


1. Download YouTube videos from Websites
Best and simplest way to download Youtube videos. Some of the popular and reliable web sites such as Savido, Keepvid, Videograbby, Clipconverter helps you download videos from Youtube, and it also gives you option to download video files in the desired format you wish. All you have to do is copy and paste the link of the YouTube video and choose the resolution and format of the file you want and click on the download button as shown in the picture below. This feature works even on your android phone through the mobile browser, unfortunately it does not work on iOS.


2. With VLC media player
YouTube video downloading with VLC media player is only advisable if you don’t want irritating pop-ups and ads and don’t want to install another software just for the sake of downloading the videos. Downloading videos now a days straightforward as the one before. How to do it? just copy the video link from link from YouTube and then go to the ‘Media’ menu in the VLC player and choose ‘Open Network Stream’. Paste the video link and you can stream the YouTube video. Now from here go to the ‘Tools’ options and ‘Codec Information’ after pausing or stopping the video and copy the video link shown displayed. Now paste the link in any browser in your PC, now play the YouTube video, next right click and choose ‘Save as’ to download the video.


3. Browser Extensions
Many browser extensions are there in the market or even add-ons for various browsers that will help you download videos from YouTube. One such popular extension is Video Download Helper available on both Firefox and Chrome. FastestTube is another one. These extensions provide you with pop-ups or download tab in the browser to download the videos.

4. Software
When it comes to downloading YouTube videos, third party software provides more control. Unfortunately many of them are paid or freemium. Any Video Converter and YTD Video Downloader are the most popular ones. Many free options are also available, but beware that they could be bundled with adware or other malware most times.

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