Become invisible on WhatsApp- Here is how you can do it

Become invisible on WhatsApp- Here is how you can do it

Privacy, a major concern for many users, but we will not get into much details on that topic. If you use Whatsapp, this article will be helpful for you. Here we will tell, how you can completely go invisible on the whatsapp.

Become invisible on WhatsApp- Here is how you can do it


As almost every smartphone users use Whatsapp but most of the us are not totally familiar with all the features of the app. Al though this app is blessing in disguise for most of us, sometimes we get annoyed by the continuous pings from friends and family. Getting text or call from friends and family cannot be burden on us but to be really honest. You really get annoyed, if you are taking a power nap or doing some really important work, so during this time you think of becoming invisible on Whatsapp. The trick that we will tell you not affect your normal work like you can continue to browse internet, work emails or crucial prompts from your stock brooking app.

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Below are some ways to seek momentarily peace on WhatsApp, few workaround to have some privacy. We explain:

1. Hide your Last Seen: You will definitely get some peace of mind when you hide your “last seen” option, Once you disabled this options, sometimes pressure to respond to messages immediately will go away. To hide last seen, head over to settings option in your WhatsApp and tap on account. You will see privacy option here, tap to change your Last seen to “nobody”. And you are done, now nobody knows when were you last seen on the app. But this feature has drawbacks, it won’t let you see other’s last seen also if disabled yours.

2. Hide your Status: To activate this feature, you can follow the same process. Go to Settings > Privacy > Status > Nobody. Now, no one will see your status now.

3. Hide your profile photo: Using this feature you can avoid stalkers, mostly girls (and boys). If you don’t want your sweetest-friend-turned-bitterest-enemy to see your latest pics from party on WhatsApp?  Go to Settings > Privacy > Profile Photo > Nobody.

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4. No Blue Ticks please: This feature was recently rolled by Whatsapp which many users find very annoying. If this feature enabled, recipient will know you have read their message, which automatically mean that you are there online! if you are online, then you are also supposed to respond to the message right away otherwise your friends would be so so offended. No? then, take the drama out of life and disable the Blue Ticks right away. Go to Account > Privacy > Uncheck Read Receipts box.

5. Snooze or pause WhatsApp: If you have known about previous tips then this tip many of you might not be aware of, Unfortunately it is only for Android users. At present, there is no way to pause WhatsApp. Those who temporarily want to not receive any messages, they can do that through Android’s app settings. All you have to do is Go to Setting > Apps > WhatsApp > Force Stop.

After you force stop this app, it won’t be able to connect to internet even if you have a working data connection in your mobile. The app will be frozen and you won’t receive any messages. After you decide to come out of your hibernation and love the world again, all you have to do is just tap on the WhatsApp icon on the phone and open the app. You will start receiving the messages again.

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