Own a Android smartphone? then must follow these steps to keep it safe and secure

Own a Android smartphone? then must follow these steps to keep it safe and secure

Now a days we are so much attached to our smartphones such a way that our day start with phone and day ends with phone. In one word to say, our all daily routine will run by these smartphones. Our smartphones are having confidential data. We will be having our all private data in our smartphones only. So, our main and first priority is to keep our smartphone safe and private.

Own a Android smartphone? then must follow these steps to keep it safe and secure


Here are some methods to keep our android smartphones private and secured. Let’s have a look.

  • Set a screen lock

    The one of the first option is to keep our android smartphone secured and private is set up a screen lock, so that nobody can use or access your phone. There are many choices to lock your screen like pattern, PIN and password.

    To enable the screen lock option one can go to mobile setting->security->screen lock.

  • Device Manager

    This one is the best option for android smartphone users to protect their mobile by enabling the device manager on. This will help the owner of particular smartphone to lock the screen, to change the screen lock and erase the data remotely when the owner/user lost their Android smartphones. By activating this option, the one can remotely locate the lost device and remotely can lock the device and erase the data.

    To enable the device manager option one can go to their android phone setting->security->Device manager/administrators.

  • Encrypt phone

    This is another option to secure your smartphone and data. You can safe your data whenever you lost your android device. The one can encrypt your accounts, settings, downloaded applications and their data, media and other files by making it enable/on.

    To enable the encrypt phone option one can go to their android phone settings ->security->Encrypt Phone.

  • Smart Lock

    The android phone users can also safeguard their android smartphones by enabling smart lock option. This smart lock option helps the user to unlock the screen in his presence and lock the screen in absence. This helps to protect your smartphone by unknown users to access your phones . This smart lock option can be activate by different options like trusted devices, trusted places, trusted face, trusted voice, on body-detection.

    To enable the smart lock option one can go to their android phone settings ->security->Smart Lock.

  • Trusted applications

    The smartphone user must be aware of applications. Before installing any apps in your device the user must know whether it is from trusted source and whether it is asking for your confidential information from you and all. Check all these things and then only go for particular application to install.

  • Back Up data

    This is the one of the best option by back up the data from your smart phone will help you to get your data whenever your device lost or stolen or damaged.

    The smart phone users must be bewaring of unknown applications/ads which will come during internet access. Because this may lead to frauds can access your account by asking personal information/sensitive information like password.

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