How to Download photos from Instagram? Create account on Instagram

How to Download photos from Instagram? Create account on Instagram

For those of you who use Instagram App, this post is going to be very useful for you that’s our promise. And for those folks who are planning for Instagram account, you are at the right place, just stick with us till the end of the article and you will have your own Instagram Sing in, Instagram account and Instagram Login. But first let’s look at what actually is Instagram and why it is so popular app ? Before I Forget to tell, apart from Instagram account creation, our main focus will be to guide to how you can download photos and videos from your Instagram account. Let’s explore everything in the paragraph below.

Instagram and reason behind it’s popularity is many but we don’t want to bore you by more explanation, we will just outline few lines on why Instagram is so popular ?

  1. The major reason behind this app popularity can be many but, few are the User interface of this app is amazing and attracts a lot of users.
  2. It is an instant photo and video sharing app where you can share photos and videos to you followers from any place and any time. Suppose you are on vacation and wants to instantly share a pic from your vacation using Instagram you can easily do it. Most of users must be thinking, there are many like that why Instagram, it’s probably because it was first of it’s kind and users just to use this as more than other app. Just like many messaging app are there why people use Whatsapp.
  3. There are also many celebrities on Instagram where you can follow them as well as Direct Message(DM) them.

About Instagram: 

This app is a photo-sharing service which was acquired by Facebook, Instagram become one of the most popular apps for users sharing moments captured with family, friends, and others. Lat year in September, Instagram account users base crossed the 400 million user mark with over 80 million pictures shared daily on this platform. In the months of April 2016, the app claimed that the numbers of monthly Indian users who use Instagram had more than doubled over since 2015.

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Instagram account creation: How to login on Instagram ?


Instagram Account creation is very simple and easy steps and in the post, we will not confuse with full account creation process, we will just guide to create your account using Facebook, where just using Facebook user name and password you can create your own Instagram Sign In.

In order to login from Facebook credentials visit this page Instagram Sign In  and click on Login with Facebook and your account on Instagram will be created.

Everyday thousand of pictures and images are shared on the app and chances are there you may like some of them and you may wanted to download it. But, the problem is Instagram won’t let you download those file, it is where the third party comes in to play. By restricting users, the service tries to protect the rights of the Instagram users who share photos on the app. We have looked for some few workarounds that can help users to save the photos they have uploaded to Instagram.

Via third-party apps on the phone
InstaSave One of the most widely used third-party Android apps for those folks who wants to download photos from Instagram, this app enables you to save your Instagram photos to your phone, so you can see the pictures anywhere, anytime. You can easily download Instasave from Google Play Store.

Instasave for Android users

Users should make a note that Instasave and the other apps and services mentioned in this post are third-party software not affiliated to Instagram. These applications uses Instagram Oauth for login process, what it means in other terms that although your password remains secure, your entire feed is accessible to third part apps. We will also mention one vital point here that you can’t always be sure about the password security also. Those who are okay with guidelines, it’s safe to proceed with use of these services.

To download your Instagram photos, download the InstaSave app on your phone from Google PlayStore, you can login with your Instagram user name and password. After login, the app will show the images stream and will enable photos to be selected to save on your device. You can then select the images to save and tap the save button, that displayed below the photo with a download icon button. When you tap on the icon, you will be offered with the location where the images will be download on the mobile. Later the users can locate the images using the Gallery app on their device. InstaSave also enables the users to search for tags and users to find photos to download.

Istagrab for iOS users

There are also other apps for users on Android, such as Photo Saver For Instagram, in order to save Instagram images. iOS users, on the other hand can download InstaGrab app from the app store- a new way to view all your Instagram pics from the App Store, in order to save photos on Instagram to the camera roll of the phone. Instagrab functions similarly to the Android apps mentioned above.

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When we were writing this post the app worked fine, it’s possible that Instagram policy changes may break them in coming days. The popular photo sharing app recently limited third-party apps after an app named InstaAgent was discovered to ‘harvest’ passwords and user names and send them to an unknown server. There was also another app called “Who Viewed Your Profile – InstaAgent” was available for download via App Store and Google Play was able to send user credentials to a remote server in clear text.

Learn how to download Instagram Photos on PC

You can also download photos from Instagram on your PCs to keep a copy of the shared photos on the Personnel computer. This is a third-party website, like the apps mentioned above and not affiliated with Instagram app. In order to save the photos from Instagram, you will need to go to the Instaport website on their browsers of the PC.

1) Access Instagram using your Instagram sign-in details.

2) On getting access, you can either choose to download just some of the select ones or entire photos.

3) Instaport, on selecting the photos to download, will ask for a location to keep the photos.

It’s worth noting that users will download the Instagram photos using the Instaport website in .zip files.

You can also downalod your own Instagram images while uploading 

The best and easy way to keep a copy of your Instagram images on your device is by opting to save both videos as well as photos on the device while posting available. This option is available to all users in the app settings.

1) Head to your profile on Instagram.

2) Look for options icon and tap on it (Settings icon on iOS, hamburger menu on Android).

3) Now tap on Save Original Photos setting to on.


After you enabled Save Original Photos option, images will automatically download to your device photo roll every time you post something.

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