World’s cheapest smartphone from India: Namotel achhe din launched at 99, How to order Namotel Online ?

World’s cheapest smartphone from India: Namotel achhe din launched at 99, How to order Namotel Online ?

After the launch of two world’s cheapest phone in India this year i.e Freedom 251 and Docoss X1, once again another Indian company has launched a new smartphone name Namotel achhe din and you will be surprised to know the price of the phone. Well this phone cost less than your net pack. On the company official website, the phone has been priced at just Rs.99. On the website it is also mentioned that earlier it’s cost was Rs. 2999 but now the price has been slashed to Rs. 99 only.

World’s cheapest smartphone from India: Namotel achhe din launched at 99, How to order Namotel Online ?


It may come as surprising to many people that in a world where the phone production in limited resources also will take more than thousand to build, Namotel achhe din is being sold at just Rs.99. But according to Namotel Promoter Madhava Reddy, this product is part of Narendra Modi government ‘Make In India Initiative’ and making almost every citizen of India accessible to phone.

Those who wants to order Namotel achhe din online must have a Aadhar Identity. Along with the phone charge, the company taking shipping fees from customer. Overall, the phone will not cost you more than Rs. 150. Those interested to try this phone can make booking online from the website.

The company has also mentioned this model is limited and will be delivered to those customer who holds Aadhar Identity. After being launched at Rs. 99, Namotel Achhe Din has become the world’s cheapest phone. Earlier, a Noida based company launched a smartphone named Freedom 251 which cost just Rs. 251 and another 90 Rupees as shipping cost, which became the world’s cheapest phone and that tag has been taken by Namotel Achhe Din which is being just sold at Rs 99. Freedom 251 stopped shipping the phone due to huge demand for the phone and their got crashed many times whole placing the order. There was a lot of controversies related to the real manufactures of the phone as there was reports that it was Chinese company.

How to order Namotel achhe din online ?

You can order Namotel achhe din online by placing order on the company official website Once you place the order, you don’t have to pay the online as it is cash on delivery method. You can book Namotel from may 17th to till 25th May.

Namotel features

Namotel comes with 4 inch display and it runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop and sports a 1.3GHz quadcore processor along with 1 GB RAM.

The company has added a note on its site that says, ‘Pictures shown on website is for illustration purposes only’. The message that is being displayed by the company says, “Joy and freedom represents the logo! The same joy will flourish in billion Indians In the form of smart Connect with (3 different looks and shapes) Android Smart powerful Phone at 99.”

In our initial checking of the website, some pages of the sites were not responding and we are afraid that the same situation may happen and later the company may cancel the order, but it is the risk worth taking because buying a smartphone at just Rs, 99 can be dream come true in this expensive world. Whether it is yet another scams like earlier cheapest phone launched in India or the company actually intends to start shipping the phones which it has received enormous amounts of pre-orders for.

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