Play Youtube videos even when the screen is locked on Android phone

Play Youtube videos even when the screen is locked on Android phone

Youtube, one of the second most visited site in the world, owned and operate by search giant Google. Youtube was launched in the year 2015, now it has evolved into many things apart from just video streaming site. A friend that sings for you when you are alone, a tutor, a guide when you try your hands on cooking, a teacher, this site plays multiple roles.

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Play Youtube videos even when the screen is locked on Android phone


This popular video streaming site is mainly used for uploading and sharing videos. According to recent survey, Youtube has visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video every month. Any videos available on this site can be watched, all you have to do is type the name of the video in the search bar of the site and the video is there on your screen of the phone.

But unfortunately like any other apps, YouTube too has its own limitations. Like for example, users on Android platform cannot enjoy YouTube videos in the background. For instance, if you want listen to some songs via YouTube and also do some other work in your mobile, the Youtube app will not allow you. In order to listen to the app, you will first have to exit the app and keep listening to the music. In case you exit YouTube app or turn off the screen while the video is playing, the app will abruptly stop.

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After many users complained regarding this, YouTube launched YouTube Red on 28 October 2015. A service by YouTube which is paid subscription that allows you to play videos in the background. But unfortunately it is only available in US. And did we say it requires subscription?

But, there is workaround for those users who are not living in the US and also you will not have to pay for the videos to run in the background. Easy, follow just this simple trick and you are done!

1. Get Mozilla Firefox app from Google Play Store.

2. When you download and installation is done, open YouTube on the Firefox browser, do not open YouTube app.

3. Search for any video that you wish to play on YouTube.

4. After the video starts playing, here just press the back button in your phone or switch off your screen if you want. And enjoys listening video on your phone even when the phone is switched off.

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