Girls, here is how you can stop stalkers on WhatsApp

Girls, here is how you can stop stalkers on WhatsApp

Stop Stalkers On WhatsApp: Not only on Facebook but now on Whatsapp also you can block your stalkers, users (especially girls) who have doubts that someone is stalking your profile on Whatsapp, this post will be helpful for you. In below paragraph, I will guide you with how you can keep your Whatsapp profile safe with very simple process and keep the stalkers away.

The reason why I am emphasizing mostly that girls needs to keep their profile safe and secure, is because recent survey reveals that every other girls profile get’s stalked on Whatsapp and other social media network.

We use Whatsapp on daily basis, it is best and perfect way to stay in touch with people now that almost everyone uses it.

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Here is how you can stop stalkers on WhatsApp


Below are the steps you can take to ward off the stalkers and weirdos or just plain irritants?

Don’t hesitate to block people: I know this is the most repeated line, which is block numbers of people who are irritating you but to be secure you need to do this. How to do it? select the contact you want to block, open the chat window for that particular contact, now tap on the “three dots” on the top right corner on Whatsapp, now choose “more” and select “block”. Later if your heart melts and think that the person deserves forgiveness, unblock him or her later.

Hide you display picture: If you don’t want anyone to see you profile photo. Then you can change this, just click on the “three dots” in the main WhatsApp window on your phone and tap to choose “settings”. Now select “account” in the next Window and then “privacy”.

You will see the option “Who can see my personal info”, tap to choose “Profile photo” and tap to keep the setting to “Nobody” if you are really annoyed or paranoid at strangers complimenting you, you can also keep the option to ‘only my contacts’ if you don’t mind some of your friends seeing your DP.

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Hide you last seen: This is one the best feature on Whatsapp you can take to safeguard your privacy on WhatsApp. Now you know how to goto, “Who can see my personal info” section, if not go through above paragraph, now select “Last seen” and then choose the option that you want.

In the same way users can also hide status message from everyone or from strangers. If you decide to hide it from everyone, then you can just use a blank status message. This trick will do the same thing.

Turn off Blue Ticks: WhatsApp few months back added this read receipt options that shows a user when the text has been read by turning the two grey ticks to blue ticks. For most of us it is useful options, but sometimes, it also takes away a bit of liberty you have in how and when you respond to text from friends.When you read the text and once the sender of that message knows it using Blue ticks, there is an obvious pressure on you to respond to his or her messages.

In order to off this option, go to section “Messaging” in the Privacy window. Now clear the “Read receipt” selection or in other words uncheck it.


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