Google Duo Download: Simplest Video Calling App Available Now


Video calling doesn’t get simpler than this, yes! we were also surprised, when we used Google Duo for the first time. And, trust me, even you will believe it by the time you finish reading this article.

Stick around as we are giving in-depth review of newly launched video calling app from Google called Google DUO. We will also guide with the simple steps to download this app on your device.

Some tech sites have claimed recently, Google will be shutting down it’s popular Video calling app Hangout, and Google DUO is gonna be it’s replacement. Although, Google has already taken the risk with new app, as already there tough competitor in the market like Apple Face Time and Microsoft Skype. But, Google gamble is being paid off, as DUO has already downloaded million times on both platform like App Store and Google Play Store.

Google Duo Download: Simplest Video Calling App Available Now


We cannot comment more on all the features right now, but we can assure you, its has the simplest user interface among all the video calling app out there. Even an user with very less technical knowledge will easily be able to use this app.

“Video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person, but too often it can be a frustrating or complicated experience… Today, we’re releasing Google Duo — a simple 1-to-1 video calling app available for Android and iOS. Duo takes the complexity out of video calling, so that you can be together in the moment wherever you are,” says Justin Uberti, principal software engineer at Google.

The whole app, from installation to use, is geared towards simplicity. Here is how Google DUO Download works.

-> Install the app- For Android, For iOS.

-> It will ask you to provide your number, which will be used to identify you to your contacts. The same way WhatsApp works, however different compared to Skype or Hangouts, which use a login ID to identify users.

->  The app will then send a code to the number you have provided which is a verification code. In case you are using Duo on a different mobile, you can manually put in the authentication code.

Google DUO Download: How to make your first call

After that to make a call, all you have to do is

— Tap on the DUO icon on your phone.

— Look for big Video Call button and tap on it.

— Users can also get to see the last calls made and you can just tap on a contact to call a person again.

— You go into the contacts, when you tap on the Video Call, where all the people using Duo are listed. Here you can search for the contact and make the call.

Now the best part- This app work even if you have slower internet connection. The voice quality is decent and so is the picture quality. Sometimes 2G connections do pose a problem.

— The app starts to transmit data as soon as you pick the call. This means, smile after dialling the number” because you are already visible on the phone of the receiver, even before he or she is accepted the call. This is neat touch actually.

— There is very little you can do during the call, other than talking to each other. In spite of the fact that you can mute the call, and change the cameras to show the other person something from the back camera. This again is perfect. Say for instance you are looking at Niagara Falls and need your companion to see what you are seeing, then make a call with Duo and switch the cameras.


As I said, unimaginably cool and admiring. One of attestations that Google makes is that most users, regardless of the possibility that they have access to video calling application, makes video calling very less. Also, Google’s thought is that with Duo making a video call will be instantaneous to the point that it will be much the same as making a voice call. I haven’t use Duo much as of now however it is anything but difficult to see that Google succeeds.

And my suspicion is that, despite lacking some of the more advanced features — or may be exactly because it lacks those features, this is an app that is going to be used by a lot and lot of people.