Top 7 apps to earn money

Top 7 apps to earn money

Money App Make: If you are like me, most probably you may run out of money at the month’s end. Well, this was story for me every month until I found this awesome solution that is taking care of my money problem. For many people like me who who runs out money till the month’s end and you have to wait for your salary to take care of your needs, then you must try out the steps that I will be explaining in the post below.  I just thought of sharing my ideas on how to earn money so that you don’t have to stress much and earn easy money.

In the post below, I will be sharing with all 7 apps to make money, these money making apps are so simple to use and can earn you easy money.

This money making apps are available on both iOS and Android platform. So, users on both platform can earn money through these apps, which are so easy to use. You may see a lot of apps out there, who promise to help you make money but most are just spam and you should avoid that. The apps that I will sharing in this article is genuine and won’t con you. Also, there are some apps that required to watch videos or complete surveys to earn money and we can understand your frustration and most us just want to quit because of that. But, the apps that we have collected here are totally different from that, as we move along the article, you will get more ideas. Let’s start with our first app.

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Top 7 apps to earn money 


BitwalkingThis is a very new app and slowly getting very popular. This app let’s you earn Bitwalking dollars (BW$) simply for going about your daily routine. Bitwalking was launched in September 2015 and is not yet fully developed but, you get this app through invite.

The earning process on this app is so interesting, in order to earn money in your account, open the app and start walking, the more you walk, the more you earn money,  somewhere around 10,000 steps for 1 BW$. But, there is nothing to lose, all you have to do is walk and walking can do you no harm, on top that your health will be better.

Bitwalking at the launch of the app said you’d be able to redeem your earnings against items offered through its own store that you visit by going to their website, or transfer the cash to your bank account.


SlidejoyThis app is only available to Android folks, although the app doesn’t pay you much but it’s a good app to try out, also you don’t have to do much task to earn money from this app.

Slidejoy works by putting ads and news on lockscreen of your phone, in return the app let’s you earn ‘Carats’ that can be exchanged for real money and checked into your PayPal account.

When you create a new account on Slidejoy, you get 20 Carats, however, you need 100 or more to check anything out from your account, here 100 Carats equals $1.

The carats that you earn each day can vary, in the initial stage it may be slow but if you can tolerate ads on your lockscreen, all you have is free money.


[Pact For Ios] [Pact for android]- It is one of the most interesting money making app in the list. Pact focuses on getting you to stick to your exercise routine.

While creating an account on the app, you select the commitment you’re comfortable with like for example based around food timing, and how often you plan to work out etc. and then promise money that you’ll pay if you miss your set target. Then how you get money? well, you get money from those users who failed to achieve those goals and you you achieved it successfully.

When we checked the review on the site, we found out it not likely to make more than about $100 – $150 per year, however, this app can help you stay fit and healthy.

According to Pact,  the reward is in average between $0.30 and $5 per week, that depends on the number of activities you commit to.


Google Opinion Rewards
To be really honest this app falls into category of ‘never going to make you much cash’.

If we can give little details about the app, Google Opinion Rewards pop up a survey every now and again. The app in return for answering a few questions which are never more than a few questions, the app will also tell you the number questions in each survey and whenever you answer these questions, a small amount of credit added directly to your Google Play balance, which you can use it across games, movies, apps and anything else for sale there and redeemed it.

For each survey, you get a very small amount, but each survey takes such a short time that filling it in is worthwhile, in a case that you’re happy sharing the data. We would also like to remind you that, all the surveys are not paid and few of them are free too.


ezyshot, this app is considered as a social network which allows you earn money simply by having people access your updates on the site or app, like your pics, ‘behind the scenes’ tours of your life, videos, any knowledge.

According to the company, its users are a mix of musicians, celebrities, sports stars, models, entertainers, the girl/guy next door and you. Even though, you are not a celebrity or musician or big personality and due this you may not earn as expected but there’s no harm in trying though, you may also have expertise to share that someone else might pay for.

It gives you freedom to set how many ezyCoins it costs for people to view your updates (billed monthly) and send you messages (which you can set to free, if you wish).

If in case you get money for your talent on the app with a bulging ezyCoin balance, then all you can do is transfer them to your bank or PayPal account at a rate of $0.40 per 10 coins, if we do it mathematically so 100,000 ezyCoins would get you $4,000.

This app is just being developed for Android users only but the company says it may launch for iOS soon.


Foap [iOS | Android]

It is one of the most paid out app in the list and the most popular and easy one, this app turns yours photos in to cash

Just you need to upload your photos and sell them through the Foap market, in easy terms, each shot costs $10 to buy.

The one who creates it get half of each sale, and you can transfer  into your bank account.

The reason behind this is its ability and simplicity to upload shots directly from your mobile from other photography apps like Flickr, Instagram and EyeEm.


Mobee [iOS | Android]
Sorry, spoiler alert, this app is just for U.S. users, however, if you are ready to do a few mystery shopper tasks like for example going into stores and looking for stock levels of a specific product, calculating how long customer service requires, taking pictures etc. then you can earn cash in exchange for your time.

Mobee displays Missions on a map view for users to discover a nearby assignment. After you have finished it, the team manually checks the submission and then credits you the number, that can be exchanged for cash, gift cards or other rewards.


We would to hear your response on this article, please feel free to leave a comment below. We will be delighted to answer your queries. Keep visiting this site for more app related news.


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