Viber for Windows 10 available for download

Viber for Windows 10 available for download

Viber for Windows 10 available for download: A year back, Viber has affirmed that it will make an universal application for Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, without giving an accurate date when that will happen. Additionally, during this period, the firm hasn’t updated their users with any new build, yet a couple of months back, Viber accepted that the application is underway. In May this year, Viber beta version was released to beta users and now, and now Viber is available to download to all users of Windows 10.

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Viber for Windows 10 available for download


But, the app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile has begun rolling in beta version and because of the fact that Viber is an universal app, Viber has been optimized to work on any device that runs on the two operating systems. The reason behind this is the Chat Responsive design resizes the application for optimal viewing, irrespective of if you’re using a phone, a laptop, a tablet or computer.

Additionally, the makers of Viber have presented new features, for example, end-to-end encryption (the latch symbols affirms that messages are secure), People app integration, public chats, group messages with up to 200 users, and the possibility to delete a sent message.

Viber was started in December 2010 and the application as of now offered a variety of elements. Users were able to to send their location, forward messages to others, to block annoying contacts, to have group conversations, to send photos, texts and videos, to make video and voice calls for free, to other Viber users, can call mobile and landline numbers using the Viber Out service, to use stickers, to share a contact, to have hidden chats, to share the screen for desktop and to create Public Chats.

So, on the off chance that you need to download the new Viber for Windows 10 in beta, you’ll see it on the Windows Store. At to begin with, you may see some bugs, yet don’t stress, the engineers will alter them and the last form of the application will run flawlessly.

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