How to watch movies for free on your phone ? Download Showbox

How to watch movies for free on your phone ? Download Showbox

Download showbox: Most of us like to watch movies and if it’s free of cost, then can’t get better than this. Yes, you heard it right, here in this post, I will guide you with the step by step process to watch movies for free on your smartphone or tab.

How to watch movies for free on your phone ? Download Showbox


This tutorial is for Android users who owns a smartphone or a tab. The app that we will discuss here is only available on Android platform but not on the Google Play Store and in order to download it, you must visit their main site. The app that I am talking about is Showbox, more details explained below.

What is Showbox?

Showbox is app developed for Android platform that allows users to watch movies, TV shows for free and even has the options to download all the movies and TV Shows. Showbox even plays the movies and TV Shows even if your internet speed it low. It was first rolled on Google Play Store but later it was removed from the store due to copyright violations. So, now you have to download Showbox from the official site.

Feature of Showbox

  1. Unlimited number of movies and TV shows are available.
  2. All the movies and TV shows can be watched for free.
  3. Showbox allows you to download all the movies to your device.
  4. Great User Interface and graphical design.
  5. Play content even is slow speed.

How to download Showbox on Android Device ?

  1. The first thing that you need to do is visit the official site of Showbox to Download showbox 
  2. Once you are on the main site after clicking the above link, look for the link that says Show Box 4.65 APK and click on it.
  3. After that the download showbox will start(It will take one or two minutes depending on your internet speed)

But if you are downloading this app on your phone, you must have file manager install on your phone, because the above file that you will be downloading will be in APK format and only way to install the above app is via the file manager.

Those users who do not have file manager install on their phone can download it from here. 

Once you download and install the file manager, you can open the Showbox APK file from the File Manager app. It will ask you to goto-> Settings-> Security-> Unknown Services then activate the Unknown services by tapping on it. Once that done, Showbox will start installing on your phone. Once it is installed, open it on your phone by tapping on Showbox icon. Once you are on the Showbox page, you can search for any movies that you want to see and tap search, your movie will be displayed, tap on the movie and start watching. You can even download the movie on your device by choosing the download option.

Download Showbox now and start watching all the latest movies and movie shows on your device. All movies are in the HD quality. Here we have even shown you how to watch movies for free on your phone.

Thanks for reading this article, please let know the comment if you face any problem while installing this app.

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